Super Tuesday Recap

Donald Trump cruised to wins in seven states, Hillary Clinton put some distance between herself and Bernie Sanders with big wins in the South, and the GOP field stays crowded with Rubio winning a state, Kasich hanging around for at least a few more weeks, and Carson staying in the race. 

Super Tuesday is the first time candidates are forced to compete in multiple states spread out across the country. 

Democrats held contests in 11 states while the GOP competed in 14. 

With big wins in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and Texas, Hillary Clinton built a big cushion in the delegate race for the Democratic nomination. That being said, it is likely that the race will continue well into the summer. With additional primaries and caucuses this weekend and a week from Tuesday (and another big day on March 15), it is still important for atheists to be heard at candidate events in your state. 

On the Republican side, it is hard to see how Donald Trump is anything other than the frontrunner in the race. Trump won seven of the states that voted last night. Cruz won his home state of Texas (no surprise there) and split delegates with Trump in Alaska and with Trump and Rubio in Oklahoma. Rubio only won Minnesota. Kasich finished in second in both Massachusetts and Vermont, but only won about 20 delegates out of the nearly 600 up for grabs. 

At this point, it looks like a race between Trump and Cruz on the Republican side with Rubio and Kasich needing strong wins in their home states of Florida and Ohio in the coming weeks. Without that, it is hard to see a path forward for either. Carson has yet to win a single state and has hardly won any delegates. 

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  • Debra Lewis
    commented 2017-03-31 20:52:55 -0400
    I watched the elections with baited breath. Some how I really hoped Clinton would win but too bad, she dint. I even took a break from my normal tasks at
  • Jessica Alba
    commented 2016-11-28 06:50:54 -0500
    This is so Super Tuesday Recap because after read it I have got many more good information which I don’t know before read it. Now I am looking this because this will so helpful to me I know.
  • Angelina Dennard
    commented 2016-09-15 05:54:11 -0400
    For real? Who on earth votes for that drama queen? I believe people choose him only for his extravagant acting, but can you imagine him sitting in the office making a serious war decision? Trumps is unpredictable, he can make a lot of things commonly found in Putin. If he wins, the 3rd world war is inevitable I believe..Expert in political affairs at, Angelina J. Imes.