Mississippi Law the Latest Battle Over 'Religious Freedom'

By signing a "religious freedom" law designed to elevate religious beliefs above civil rights and protections for minorities, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has sided with religious extremists. 

This law prevents any city from passing ordinances to protect LGBT people, makes it illegal for business to fire employees who refuse to provide services to LGBT people, and allows landlords to refuse to rent to unmarried couples or LGBT people.

These anti-LGBT beliefs are the only beliefs being "protected," of course. Because laws like this have nothing to do with protecting actual religious freedom and everything to do with anti-LGBT animus.

From NPR:

Even without such a law, it is already legal in Mississippi — as in most states in the country — to discriminate against LGBT people in providing employment, housing and public accommodation.

These laws make it impossible for cities or even private employers to extend basic protections to LGBT people. 

These same arguments were made when the Supreme Court struck down interracial marriage bans and during the Civil Rights Era. We rejected demands for special exemptions for bigots hiding behind their religion and we should do the same. 

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  • Jessie S. Viveros s
    commented 2017-07-06 11:15:53 -0400
    This s very good thinking by the Mississippi government to go for law and know the public opinion about the religious freedom and what they are thinking about it. This new law which was designed by http://legitimate-writing-services.blogspot.com/2016/04/essayontime-com-review.html blog law official can prevent many religious attacks and prevents destruction of religious assets.
  • Mare Bolhar
    commented 2016-06-28 07:50:34 -0400
    I’m actually glad I don’t live in the USA, because I really don’t want someone believing in any kind of religious nonsense telling me or you or anyone how we have to see things science made clear for all the world to see decades and centuries ago. They can live in the dark middle ages if they please so, but please, leave the rest of us out of your nightmare. Is this really too much to ask? And I’m not gay, if someone needs to know.
    All we atheists should bravely stand against such stupid public performance as it is this one in Mississippi. These same shameless and deeply imoral acts are occurring all around the world and we need to expose their bigotry and fight against them. We have a democratic right to vote for atheist candidates in any kind of elections. So VOTE according to your personal nonreligious preference.
  • Nick Fish
    published this page in Blog 2016-04-28 16:55:03 -0400