Take Action

Beyond just voting, we need to be more visible to our elected officials. Politicians at all levels of government need to know that atheists are engaged in the political process. Meeting with your Congressional Representative, attending events with presidential candidates, and being a part of local government while being outspoken about your beliefs (or lack thereof) and commitment to secular government and the separation of religion from government are crucial. 

AtheistVoter is tracking presidential candidate events. These events provide opportunities for voters to engage with potential nominees by asking questions. These unscripted, off-the-cuff moments often provide some of the clearest insights into a candidate's beliefs and positions. 

Questions About Atheist Equality

  1. "I'm an atheist. How would you best represent me, as an atheist, if you are elected?"
  2. "I'm an atheist. Do you want atheists like me to vote for you?"
  3. "I'm an atheist. What specifically are you doing to win my vote? Why should an atheist vote for you over the other candidates?"
  4. "I'm an atheist. Do you think it is important for a person to believe in God to be a good person?"
  5. "I'm an atheist. What is your position on the separation of church and state?"
  6. "I'm an atheist. What does 'religious liberty' mean to you?"

Specific Issue Questions

  1. "Do you think that business owners should be exempt from civil rights laws because of their religious beliefs?"
  2. "I am an atheist. Do you think that a business owner should be allowed to refuse to serve me because of their religious beliefs?"
  3. "Do you support legislation that would allow government employees who handle things like marriage certificates to refuse to serve same-sex couples?"

If you are able to ask the candidate a question, make sure that someone is with you to record the interaction or that you immediately write down what the candidate said. 

Upload your video to YouTube and we will share it with other AtheistVoters throughout the country!