The One Thing We'll Be Watching Tonight

As millions of Americans head to the polls today, here is the the single-most important thing that we should be watching for as results come in: Continue reading

Atheist Voters are the sleeping electoral giant, but will they wake up?

As we get ready to head to the polls on Tuesday, let's remind ourselves of the potential power of our community and reaffirm our commitment to participating in our democracy. If atheists and the non-religious would just get out and vote, we would have enormous power in our government. Continue reading

VP Candidates Need to Explain a Few Things

Tonight is the first (and only) debate between the Vice Presidential candidates. Governor Mike Pence (R-IN) and Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) will be squaring off at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia tonight at 9pm. Both men have made their religious faith a key part of their appeal to voters, but we have some questions for the candidates. Continue reading

Three Things We Want to Hear at Tonight's Debate

Tonight is the first debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. Moderated by NBC News' Lester Holt, experts are estimating an audience of about 100 million viewers, which would put this debate in the top 10 most watched television broadcasts of all time in the United States. Here are three things we'd like see the candidates address in this debate. Continue reading

A Challenge to Governor John Kasich

This weekend, Ohio Governor John Kasich made comments disparaging actor Daniel Radcliffe because of his atheism. American Atheists President David Silverman challenges Kasich to meet with atheist constituents and learn about the growing community he represents as governor. Continue reading

Mike Pence Tries to "Disprove" Evolution

Indiana Governor and Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence has had a history of not understanding quite how evolution works. RightWingWatch has a video of Pence attempting to "disprove" evolution on the floor of the House of Representatives in 2002. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the DNC

Religious bigotry is an ugly thing, particularly when it is used in politics. Playing into the distrust that people have for a minority community for potential political gain has no place in American political discourse. Continue reading

Mississippi Law the Latest Battle Over 'Religious Freedom'

By signing a "religious freedom" law designed to elevate religious beliefs above civil rights and protections for minorities, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has sided with religious extremists.  Continue reading

Super Tuesday Redux

After his support collapsed and a big loss in his home state of Florida, Senator Marco Rubio drops out. Clinton and Trump widened their delegate leads, while Kasich won his home state of Ohio and Cruz took home a string of second place finishes.  Continue reading

CPAC? Again? Why is AtheistVoter there?

This marks the third year that American Atheists has attended CPAC, but the first that we've had a table of our own and been able to fully engage with conference attendees with our message. The message is simple: If conservatives want to win, they need to dump the religious extremism that is taking over their movement. Continue reading