Super Tuesday Recap

Donald Trump cruised to wins in seven states, Hillary Clinton put some distance between herself and Bernie Sanders with big wins in the South, and the GOP field stays crowded with Rubio winning a state, Kasich hanging around for at least a few more weeks, and Carson staying in the race.  Continue reading

The American Conservative: "Can a Christian Party Survive?"

Matthew Sheffield writes a provocative article in The American Conservative taking the GOP to task for its close ties to evangelical Christianity. Sheffield's highlights the importance of our presence at CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference) this year. If our political system is going to flourish, we can't have a major political party catering to and being led by a shrinking group of religious extremists.  Continue reading

New Hampshire #AtheistVoter Roundup, Day 1

I'm zigzagging across the state of New Hampshire this week to attend candidate events, rallies, and town halls in the week leading up to the February 9 "First In The Nation" primary. Lots of exciting news coming out of the GOP side of things and some good interactions with candidates. Continue reading

John Kasich Says He Opposes Discrimination by Government Employees

Another video from Atheist Voter Justin Scott. This time, Justin spoke with Ohio Governor John Kasich about religious discrimination from government employees.  Continue reading

Jeb Bush on Religious Based Discrimination

Presidential candidate Jeb Bush was asked about his position on religious exemptions from anti-discrimination laws. His answer seems to be to try to find a middle ground around "participating" in the wedding or just selling a cake or flowers (in the case of a same sex wedding).  Continue reading

Rand Paul Gets Asked About Church/State Separation

Justin Scott has been trying to get every presidential candidate to weigh in on church/state separation. Most candidates have been more than happy to talk about their faith. Rand Paul? Apparently not so much. Continue reading

Hillary Clinton on Separation of Church and State

Continuing his quest to get every presidential candidate on the record about the issue, Atheist Voter Justin Scott asked Hillary Clinton about her views on the separation of church and state. The brief exchange is below.  Continue reading

Is Marco Rubio Running for Pastor in Chief?

Sen. Rubio recently ran an ad that talks in depth about his religious faith. In it, he said, "The purpose of our life is to cooperate with God’s plan." An Atheist Voter in Iowa asked Rubio how he would defend the rights of nonbelievers as well and if he was running for Commander in Chief or Pastor in Chief. Continue reading

Cruz Asked "Why Should an Atheist Vote for You?"

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been working hard to ramp up his support from Evangelicals. How did he respond to a question from Atheist Voter Justin Scott in Iowa? Aside from hoping that Justin coverts, watch the full video below. Continue reading

Mike Huckabee on the Wall of Separation and Atheists

Former Governor Mike Huckabee has made disparaging remarks about atheists in the past. Justin Scott, an AtheistVoter from Iowa, asked Huckabee about his commitment to the separation of church and state and why an atheist should vote for him, given some of the things he's said about atheists.  Continue reading